Shooting Expired Fuji Sensia 100 from 2006

Shooting Expired Fuji Sensia 100 from 2006

Published by Dave Roberts on  February 27, 2023 under Film Photography Tips and Tutorials and tagged 35mm, EOS10, Expired Film, Fuji Film, Sensia

This expired Fuji Sensia 100 was one of the few fairly priced films I’ve found on eBay, although at £15 for 12 rolls of 35mm I genuinely thought this was another expired film scalper selling it by the roll. I half expected to get one roll through the mail, though I was still surprised when I didn’t get the 12 rolls I ordered.

Not only did I get the 12 Sensia 100 rolls as expected, but the seller threw in a handful of expired Provia 100f into the box for good measure! The film gods were looking down on me for once!

Fuji Sensia100 is long discontinued, so 2006 is a reasonably good date considering that it was discontinued in 2010. It’s part of the Fuji chrome, E6 (slide) positive series of films an was available at speeds of 100,200 and 400. It was a film aimed squarely at the consumer, unlike Velvia and Provia, and was only available as 35mm and not in medium format.

I’ll update this review with the results of further rolls, but wanted to share this set anyway.

How did I shoot the Expired Fuji Sensia 100?

This first test roll was shot in a slightly dodgy EOS10, that I’d bought along with another dodgy compact that barely works for around £4. A fair price, and I knew the risks. I took all of the first roll with my favourite Canon Prime, the 40mm f/2 pancake, of course some may have been with another lens but while I keep notes per roll, I’m certainly not organized enough to do so per frame. I was hoping that the EOS worked properly, as it seemed to be fine on a dry run, especially as the exposure needs to be spot on with slide film.

The film was professionally processed and scanned at Traia Labs.

How did the Expired Sensia 100 Turn Out?

I think the results were mixed, but not unexpected for such an expired film stock.  I took a few family shots indoors, with the built in flash, and the colours turned out quite natural. The remainder came out a tad blue, but they remind me of some of my old negatives that I’ve been digging out. 

For such an expired film, with no provenance and bought at a stupid price, I couldn’t be happier with the results. I think this will be perfect thrown into my Ricoh 500G when I finally fix it, or find a reasonably priced on on eBay, for recreating some of my old photos on some mountain hikes this summer. There’s also the option to cross-process this in C41, which is certainly the fate reserved for some of these rolls once I get my home developing setup back up and running.

I don’t think I’ll be using it as a day to day film, though.

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